1. Once you’ve received your invite to Defense.com (from [email protected]), click Complete sign up.

2. Next, you’ll be asked to confirm your name and create a password for your Defense.com account.

3. Once those details are confirmed, you’ll need to set up two-factor authentication for your account. Scan the QR code presented on the screen with the authentication app/browser plugin of your choice (we recommend Google Authenticator). Once scanned, the app will display a 6-digit code. Enter this into the Authentication code field and click Verify code.

Note: Your two-factor authentication app will be required for every login to your Defense.com account. Please do not delete this app, otherwise, your recovery codes (see below) will be required.

4. Once the code has been verified, you’ll be presented with a set of recovery codes. Take a copy of these codes and keep them somewhere safe (e.g. in a password manager) as you’ll need these to bypass two-factor authentication, should you lose your device. Once they’ve been stored, click Continue.

5. Finally, you’ll be presented with the Defense.com dashboard. Your sign up is now complete!

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