Your Threat List details all the threats which have been identified for the products you’ve added to your Asset profile.

The threat list includes the title of the threat, the date the threat was published, how many remediations have been done, and the Risk Score.

Any vulnerabilities found during a scan will also be listed in your threat list, the title of the threat will include the ID of the vulnerability scan which identified the threat.

Note: Rather than list every threat, the list will only show those which will impact your products, so it’s vital your Asset Profile is up to date with all of your company’s devices.

Viewing details of a threat

  1. Click on the threat title.

  2. This will load the threat details:

  3. This page shows the following information:

    Risk score

    This indicates the severity of the threat.


    This provides a detailed description of the threat.


    This lists all the actions you need to take to fix the vulnerabilities, once you’ve fixed the issues on your systems you can mark them as remedied by clicking the Mark as remediated button.

    A green tick will then appear next to the item in the list, and it will display when remediation was marked and by whom.

    Note: Once a threat has been remediated it cannot be undone.

    Affected Assets

    This lists all of your assets which are affected by the threat.

That's it! We've covered the Threat List section of your account.

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