1. To view which exams your users have taken, logged in as Admin, click on Training, then Exam Reports in the left-hand menu.

  2. This will display the overall statistics for your Company.

    The pie chart indicates how many of the exams have been completed.

    To see a user's statistics, you need to click on their name in the Name column.

  3. Once you're in the user stats, you can easily see how the user is progressing with the exams through the charts at the top of the page.

    Further down the page you can see if they've failed or passed, or if they've even started a specific exam.

  4. Clicking on Passed or Failed in the Status column will display the Exam Results.

    You'll see information such as when the exam was taken, how long they took, and what score the user achieved.

    That's it! We've covered the basics of the Defense.com Exams section for admins.

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