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How to use the Cyber Assessment
How to use the Cyber Assessment

This guide will walk you through the process of using the Cyber Assessment tool!

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Welcome to the Cyber Assessment how-to guide. This tool allows you to complete multiple-choice, multiple-topic self-assessment questionnaires that will help you identify security vulnerabilities across your business. Watch the video above or follow our guide below to get started on using the tool!

1. From your dashboard, click on the Compliance icon in the navigation menu.

2. From the expanded menu select Cyber Assessment.

3. Now that we are on the Cyber Assessment screen, we can start a new assessment by clicking the Start Cyber Assessment button.

4. When you start an assessment, you will be taken to the main topics page. Here you can choose which topics you want to assess. You can do them all, or just the specific topics of your choosing. Remember, you must complete at least one topic in full to submit your Cyber Assessment for marking.

5. When you are ready to begin a topic, simply press start, and you will be taken to the assessment page.

6. All our questions are yes or no questions. Some of our questions are considered parent questions, meaning if you answer in a certain way, more questions may be made available for you to answer.

Each section allows you to add your own comments to back up your answer, and they each have a handy tooltip on details on the question with written or video guidance.

Throughout the process, you have the option to chat with a member of our Technical Support team, who are on hand to provide extra help if needed.

Be sure to hit the Save progress button at the bottom of each assessment to save your work.

7. Now that you have completed your selected topics, you are ready to submit your assessment for marking. Navigate back to the main topics page and click the Submit for marking button. Make sure you have completed all desired topics before submitting, as you cannot go back during this process.

8. Once you've submitted your assessment for marking, the portal will automatically mark your assessment and ready your report for download.

You can download our report here from the results page or anytime from the Cyber Assessment Overview page.

*You may need to refresh the page for the Download Report button to appear*

You're Done! 🥳

Cyber Assessment Complete

Now that you've completed your Cyber Assessment, results are automatically populated in your Threat Dashboard, allowing you to track and remediate any issues you find. Alongside your report, If you pass any categories, you’ll receive a certificate containing the topic titles that you’ve successfully completed!

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